Working Out While Pregnant

Doing so will not only provide you with a healthier pregnancy but will also give you a big advantage once the baby is born.

Working Out while Pregnant Heart Rate

Maintaining your fitness during pregnancy is very important; it will not only keep you sane and clear your head of a lot of the normal worries and stresses that come with pregnancy, but can also lower your blood pressure, help your digestion, prevent constipation and keep you from gaining too much pregnancy weight.

Working out should be done moderately - you should get your heart rate up but still be able to maintain a conversation; if you feel that you are getting out of breath, get cramps or pain of any kind, that is you body telling you that you are doing too much and you need to stop.

Make sure that you are well-hydrated at all times, and if you are working out alone make sure that you have a cell phone with you. The other thing that you need to watch out for is overheating; it it's too hot outside, then move your workout indoors.

Working Out While Pregnant Third Trimester

By the time you're in your third trimester, you're in the home stretch of your pregnancy. You probably still want to work out because you know that a fit and healthy pregnancy is important, but you also need to start taking it a bit easier.

Now that your body has expanded, your joints are softer and your balance has probably been thrown off. It is essential that you use common sense in your selection of an exercise routine. Although we have all heard about women running marathon's right before delivery, the reason that they're in the news is that it is unusual, and not recommended for the general public.

Make sure that you are listening to your body and avoiding anything that could risk your health, or your baby's.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in every woman's life, but it is also a time that is fraught with lots of nervousness and confusion. You feel like your body is no longer yours, not only because all of a sudden everybody is asking all kinds of personal questions and touching your belly, but also because so many strange things are going on inside and out.

You feel nauseous, you can feel the baby move, your hair is different your skin is different, and your body is getting so big! You know that the baby is growing, and you're happy about that, but you also are concerned about gaining weight. The good news is that one of the best things that you can do for yourself, and for your baby, is to exercise.

Exercising will make you feel more in control, will keep you from gaining too much unnecessary weight, and can even make your labor and delivery easier.

Working out While Pregnant First Trimester

If you had worked out regularly and were in good shape before you got pregnant, there is probably no reason for you not to continue. Working out while pregnant will boost your mood, clear your head and can even help you overcome some of the nausea, aches and pains that come with those first several weeks of pregnancy.

Though it is not a good idea to engage in risky activities like bungee jumping, and all high impact exercises like gymnastics should be avoided, moderate exercises that get your heart pumping and keep your muscles strong are highly beneficial.

Some of the very best exercises for  pregnant women are walking, swimming, yoga and biking. If you have never exercised before but want the advantages that working out can bring to you and your baby, start out at a moderate pace and add a bit each day. The goal is to add a little bit of strength work, a little bit of flexibility and stretching, and a little bit of cardiovascular work at a time.

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