Nausea During Pregnancy

Some women find relief in acupressure bands or acupuncture. If you're considering acupuncture, make sure that you consulted with your doctor and get only the services of a licensed acupuncturist. Most women claim that their prenatal supplements and vitamins worsen their nausea, so try taking your vitamins just before bedtime.

Nausea During Pregnancy What to Eat

Salty foods like pretzels and chips will help settle down your stomach and relieve nausea. You can also try eating pickles. A few sips of lemonade can also help. Earthy foods like brown rice, peanut butter and mushroom soups have good effects on people suffering nausea.

You can also munch on crunchy snacks like celery sticks, apples and nuts. Sweets, fruits and fruity concoctions like popsicles and candies will also help divert nausea during pregnancy.

Eating bland foods like mashed potatoes, light broth, gelatin, bread, crackers and noodles will help in keeping your stomach calm. You can add these foods to your perfect pregnancy diet. Drinks that will relieve you of nausea are juices, seltzer, water and ginger ale.

You can also lessen the effect of nausea during pregnancy by eating right.
Do not skip meals. It will also help if you eat small portions more often. Indulge in light snacks and meals every two to three hours. Eat whenever you feel like eating, but if your stomach bothers you, it is advised to keep away from fatty, fried and spicy foods.

If you are bothered with food smells, try eating cold food. They smell less than hot foods. Cooking odors can also trigger vomiting and nausea and if that's your case, try opening windows or let somebody else cook for you.

Eating a few salty chips before meals will also help settle your stomach enough for you to finish your meal. You can also sniff lemon or ginger whenever you feel nausea is about to come. Some women who engage in prenatal yoga and other forms of deep meditation claim that the exercise can alleviate the condition.

Nausea During Pregnancy

More than half of pregnant women suffer from vomiting and nausea during pregnancy. It is the level of severity for each woman that is different.

Researchers haven't come up with a solid explanation on this phenomenon yet, but everyone concurs that the number of physical changes happening to your body, like the raised hormonal activities, can induce nausea and vomiting. It has nothing to do with your pregnancy diet.

So, when does morning sickness start? The answer is usually on the sixth week and can actually occur any time of the day. While some women will continue to suffer the condition, this will usually stop on your 12th week.

Suffering nausea during pregnancy has no untoward health issues.
Vomiting on the other hand can lead to dehydration and nutrient insufficiency if left untreated. Some mothers can get so sick that they skip meals altogether. If you have problems in eating, keeping the food down and your nausea spell lasts more than the normal few minutes per occurrence, you should seek medical attention, especially when you start seeing signs of dehydration like infrequent urination and dark yellow color in your urine. Studies revealed that 1% of all pregnant women suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum or excessive vomiting.

Nausea During Pregnancy Treatment

There are quite a few ways to treat nausea during pregnancy as well as things that you can do to alleviate the condition.
Tiredness can trigger or worsen the nausea. If you have been experiencing bouts of nausea, avoid exhausting yourself. Take naps during the day. You need more sleep during your first trimester. Arrange for a lighter workload. Heat and warm places might also induce nausea, so try to stay in cool places. You can still engage in light exercising while pregnant, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

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